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COST management

Planning and project management to develop the best approach for a market sector, local or international.

We offer a range of exhibition options, art production assistance, commissions and a in-depth business and marketing solutions - each specified to meet expectations. Artists are welcome to contact us for more information.


With the help of our network base we deliver, exhibit and market art in a number of countries.

Cost and time waste reduction with guided artist development and sponsorship programs.

strategic planning

We have a number of gallery and exhibition spaces on offer. Each, carefully selected, curated and managed.


We offer creatives the opportunity to improve and expand their portfolio and add value to their brands. Our platforms are versatile and aimed at meeting client and partner expectations while delivering high-end unique work - albeit on canvass or a memorable event. Unlike conventional, single purpose gallery spaces, EOS [art] and Opulent [art] Collector offers consultation, services and art procurement. 


Our sister companies have extensive technology, resource protection, conservation, education, communication platform, development and engineering services. Feel free to contact us for more information in this regard. 


Gallery & Exhibition​

EOS fosters long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients, artists and partners. We understand that effort, time and energy is needed to build brands and become both successful and sustainable. Technology, business and balance are all key aspects needed to produce the very best art - we understand this and offer various services to facilitate this.